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Live The Life You Dream Of

Let’s talk about your life...

Are you living the life you always dreamed of? Do you feel good about who you are? Do you wake up each morning excited to live life? Do you go to bed at night with a sense of fulfillment? Do you live each day with purpose and meaning?

If you answered ‘No’ to any of these questions, you’re not alone and this blog can help you.

Life is a journey, and at some point we all face difficult seasons where we long for something greater.

My difficult season began on Monday, July 11, 2016 when a life-changing tragedy struck my family. My dad, my childhood hero, my best friend, had his life unfairly taken in a car accident. For more details watch “This Is My Story” here:

It’s amazing to discover how strong you are when being strong is the only choice you have. It’s also interesting how in the midst of difficulties you can find your purpose and passion. It was in this difficult season of life where I made it my mission to continue my father’s legacy by leading others in Living A Life Well-Lived.

I reflected on my Dad’s life and started to wonder why over 500 people came to his funeral and over 600 people paid their respects at his viewing. He obviously made a positive impact on people’s lives.

My dad was a man who lived his life with purpose, a man who loved his family, a man who put God first in his life, a man with a passion to help others, a man who put others before himself. My dad's life was an epic example of what it means to Live A Life Well-Lived.

So back to our questions from above…Do you want to live your dream life that is full of purpose, passion, and fulfillment? Then begin this journey of Living A Life Well-Lived on this blog (and on my YouTube Channel).

On this Blog ( you can expect written content to help you Live A Life Well-Lived. You’ll find this content categorized into 4 Cornerstones: Life, Leadership, Fitness, and Finance. Watch “4 Cornerstones” for more information.

The best way to stay informed of new content is by entering your email address ( on blog website) to join the mailing list and become a part of this community. You’ll stay up-to-date by receiving an email each time a new blog post is written.

I genuinely what something FOR you, not something FROM you.

There is no cost to access my blog or YouTube Channel. The best way you can support this initiative to Live A Life Well-Lived is by sharing the content on social media with others. If you watch a YouTube video or read a blog post that affects your life in a positive way, please consider sharing it with someone else to grow our community. See the icons below to share this post.

If you’re unsure whether this blog is for you, stay tuned for the next blog post which will describe who can benefit Living A Life Well-Lived.

Welcome To This Community,

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